What you need to know about this site:

Its purpose? To contribute to the fight against pain in cancer patients.
Its objective? To support the correct use of morphine painkillers, in particular the rescue dose.
Its users? The relevant health care professionals.

How? With software that helps you calculate rescue doses, downloadable for free.
Apps for mobile devices are also available.

The initiative to develop this software application resulted from our wish to offer general practitioners, doctors or specialists a reliable and user-friendly tool for calculating morphine rescue doses. We decided to call the product Orthodose. The name refers to ORTHO, which comes from the ancient Greek ὀρθόςorthόs (“right”, “straight”), used here as a prefix to express the idea of uprightness and accuracy.

Orthodose.com is a private initiative funded by “Cabinet Medical – Le Roseau”, Vincent Vandenhaute, MD. This web site does not contain any publicity. To access the web site, enter orthodose.com in your preferred search engine. Some frequently made typing errors when trying to find the site are: Ortodose.com, Orthodoxe.com, Orthodos.com, Ortho-dose.com, Orto-dose.com and Orthodox.com