Orthodose Mobile App: a real scoop!

With Orthodose, a mobile application for Smartphones, doctors involved in palliative care always have a specific and practical tool at their disposal for the calculation of:

  • morphine rescue doses when breakthrough pain occurs
  • equianalgesic dosing of morphine
  • Cross Tolerance Reductionduring opioid rotation
  • conversion between different corticoids

In addition, Orthodose Mobile APP offers:

  • guidelines for the prescription of the rescue dose
  • guidelines for the treatment of morphine intoxication


  • to get information on the basic principles for the use of opioids in palliative care
  • to download free software for calculating the rescue dose
  • to access a website developed by a medical practitioner specialised in palliative care

In cancer patients experiencing severe pain, the proper use of strong opioids (WHO step 3) calls for two distinct but related approaches:

  • a background analgesia treatment, to ensure on-going pain relief
  • a sequential treatment,or rescue dose, to rapidly counter breakthrough pain